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We don’t get to choose what happens, we just get the choice of how to respond.
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Long Exposure Shots of Airports, Terrence Chang

This is tight. Never thought of doing that before.

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what a time to be alive.


what a time to be alive.

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'The grass is greener on the other side' is a myth.

The grass is greener where you decide to water it.

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All things love ♥


All things love 

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this is my favorite

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Work hard. Play hard.
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I’ve recently returned to the wonderful, wonderful world of reading. I greatly appreciate books that I can choose to read & actually have time for nowadays. I can lose myself in the books & drift away from reality.

But, as wonderful as reading is, there’s something about it that I hate. I’ve had my fair share of romance books, well-written, terribly-written, extremely sappy, over-the-top corny… you name it. This is the genre of books that I hate, but cannot, for the life of me, pull away from. & that’s terrible. For the girls that are like this too, I wonder if you feel my pain.

I despise this genre simply because it’s a fantasy love world—the guy does everything that the girl could possibly dream, and more. & this is dangerous for us girls, in the real world, because we want our guys to be like the guys in the book & do every sweet, caring, loving thing imaginable. I know I do.

I realized, though, that this can’t happen. I am not living in a fantasy world, my life is not typed out by some creative author who has the mind to direct my one & only to do everything sweet. Instead, I have an author who has already written out  my entire life story, and his, and I have to deal with it. I have to learn that my life is not a romance novel. It’s a loving, frustrating, amazing, infuriating, confusing, all around hypocritical novel called “Life”.

My love does not do everything that I could imagine in my wildest dreams, but I know he does his best. I wish he did more, but that’s all I can do. “Life” is nothing compared to “The Fault in Our Stars” or, I can’t believe I’m saying this (but what girl doesn’t envy the love between Edward & Bella), the Twilight Saga. “Life” is, in some terms, worse, but in more terms, better.

I’m not saying to put the romance genre out of business, no. Keep reading, but keep in mind (because I certainly have to) that the dream man in a romance novel will never come to life. Instead, realize that the man you have now (or will have) can become your dream man if you allow him to.

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